Expected Litters

♥ Potential Litters for 2019 

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 Poe & Breeze 2019 

(Mina’s Edgar Allen & Mar-Rich’s Blown Away)

Poe & Breeze’s litter will be both long and smooth coats.

 Poe & Missy 2019 

(Mina’s Edgar Allen & Diamond Hill’s Don’t Miss A Moment)

Poe & Missy’s litter will be both long and smooth coats and will be all spotted on white puppies.

♥ Dexter & CH Lucy Summer 2019 ♥

(Randalets Tsunami High Tide & CH Tsunami’s A Don’t Miss Episode)

Hoping for a colorful litter! Expecting black & whites, sable & whites and possibly tris.

 ? & CH Lacey Summer 2019 

(? & CH Diamond Hill’s Simply Scrumptious)

Expecting black and whites who will carry the recessive red gene. Possibly red and white puppies.

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***Please be 100% sure about the puppy you pick because deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.***